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Date PDF
Futures-Based Price Forecasts for Diesel Fuel Dhuyvetter Updated monthly PDF
WILL Radio Notes: Ethanol Markets O'Brien Quarterly PDF
Propane Supplies (Pencast in Adobe Reader)


February 27, 2014 PDF
Seasonality of Diesel Fuel Prices


February 25, 2014 PDF
Future Patterns of U.S. Grains, Biofuels, and Livestock and Poultry Feeding
The Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE)
Wisner, O'Brien, et al.

July 18, 2012

U.S. Ethanol Market Outlook
Presented at Kansas Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Annual Meeting. Salina, KS.
O'Brien February 24, 2012 PDF
U.S. Ethanol Market and Policy Outlook
Presented at 2011 Kansas Insurance Workshop. Salina, KS.

November 3, 2011

Impact of Tillage System on Input Demands For Farms
Staff Paper 12-01, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, KSU.
Yeager, Langemeier, Xia August 29, 2011 PDF
Key Ethanol & DGS Issues: Short-term and Longer-term
Presented at AAEA Annual Meeting: Pittsburg, PA.
Wisner and O'Brien

July 27, 2011

The Impact of Ethanol in Western Kansas
The Impact of Ethanol in the Southern High Plains of Texas
Guerrero, Golden, Amosson, Johnson and Almas
Guerrero, Amosson, Johnson, Golden and Almas
March 9, 2011 PDF (KS)
Comparing Corn Ethanol Use Data Sources from U.S. Government Agencies O'Brien September 24, 2010 PDF
Projected U.S. Corn Exports, Acreage and Production Under E-10, E-12 and E-15 Ethanol Policies O'Brien July 20, 2010 PDF
U.S. Distillers Grains Supply-Use Under E-10, E-12 and E-15 O'Brien June 22, 2010 PDF
Measuring Supply–Use for Distillers Grains in the U.S.
Presented at Distillers Grains Symposium, Indianapolis, IN, May 12-13, 2010
O'Brien May 28, 2010 PDF (paper)PDF (slides)
USDA Projections of Bioenergy-Related Corn and Soyoil Use for 2010-2019 O'Brien February 23, 2010 PDF
Updated Trends in U.S. Wet and Dry Corn Milling Production O'Brien January 19, 2010 PDF
Differences in Corn Prices Across U.S. Ethanol Producing Regions O'Brien and Woolverton January 6, 2010 PDF
World and U.S. Fossil Fuel Supplies O'Brien and Woolverton November 23, 2009 PDF
Corn Supply Prospects for U.S. Ethanol Production O'Brien and Woolverton October 27, 2009 PDF
Ethanol Industry Situation and Trends O'Brien and Woolverton October 22, 2009 PDF
Trends in U.S. Energy Use and Supplies – How Biofuels Contribute O'Brien and Woolverton October 16, 2009 PDF
Trends in U.S. Fuel Ethanol Production Capacity: 2005-2009 O'Brien and Woolverton August 26, 2009 PDF
The Relationship of Ethanol, Gasoline, and Oil Prices O'Brien and Woolverton June 30, 2009 PDF
Impact of Energy Price Increases on Irrigated Crop Farms in Kansas Langemeier June 19, 2008 PDF
Relative Efficiency of No-Till Production; Crop Profitability and Water Quality
(Presented at Heartland Regional Roundtable)
Langemeier June 15, 2009 PPT
Impact of Energy Price Increases on Non-Irrigated Crop Farms in Kansas Langemeier June 12, 2009 PDF
How Grain Ethanol Plants Affect Local Grain Prices O'Brien and Woolverton April 27, 2009 PDF
Recent Trends in U.S. Wet and Dry Corn Milling Production O'Brien and Woolverton February 17, 2009 PDF
What to Consider with Cellulosic Biomass Harvest
(Presented at 2009 Kansas Wheat District Seminars)
O'Brien, Dumler and Madl February 5, 2009 PDF
US Ethanol Production, Imports and Stocks O'Brien and Woolverton January 12, 2009 PDF
Bio-Fuels: the Environment & the Economy
(Presented at 2009 Water and Energy Conference)
O'Brien and Woolverton December 15, 2008 PDF
Ethanol Impacts on Kansas Grain Production
(Presented at KSU Biofuels Sustainability Symposium)
O'Brien September 18, 2008 PDF
Economic Impacts of Biofuels Production
(Presented at KSU Biofuels Sustainability Symposium)
Woolverton September 18, 2008 PDF
Grain-Based Ethanol Production in Kansas O'Brien, Woolverton, and Wisner September 5, 2008 PDF
Status of the Kansas Ethanol Industry
(Hearing of the Kansas Legislature Special Committee on Energy and Environmental Policy, Topeka, Kansas)
O'Brien and Woolverton August 26, 2008 PPT
Impact of High Corn Prices on Ethanol Profitability O'Brien and Woolverton July 16, 2008 PDF
Ethanol Industry -- Impact on Corn and DGS Production Dhuyvetter, Kastens, and Schroeder February 12, 2008 PDF
Economics of Bio-Energy Growth in Kansas  Woolverton and O'Brien January 16, 2008 PDF
Effect of Bio-energy Development on Grain Prices O'Brien August 29, 2007 Download
Seasonality of Diesel Prices:  Should I be locking in prices for this fall? Dhuyvetter and Kastens June, 2007 PDF
A brief examination of the impact increasing ethanol production will have on crop prices Dhuyvetter and Kastens May, 2007 PDF
Beyond Bio-Energy: Crafting a Competitive Future for Agriculture Amanor-Boadu November, 2006 Download
Impact of Energy Price Increases on Kansas Non-Irrigated Crop Farms Langemeier, FunkWeeden August, 2006 Download
Energy Use in the Kansas Agricultural Sector -- Report Submitted to the Kansas Energy Council Kastens, et al. June, 2006 Download
Energy Prices and Their Impact on Kansas Irrigated Crop Farms Funk, Langemeier June, 2006 Download

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