National ARC-County Guarantees - Comparison of 2017/18 With 2014/15

ARC-County Guarantees

Estimated ARC-CO guarantees for 2017/18 are derived from past USDA marketing year average prices and KSU estimated Marketing Year Average (MYA) Prices found HERE and and USDA FSA historical program yields and 2017/18 NASS county yields, if available. The 2014/2015 ARC-CO guarantees are a matter of historical record.  

Click "Full Screen" in the lower right to see a larger version of the map.  Click on the “small magnifying glass” on the upper left side of the map and move your cursor over the group of counties/state of interest then hold down the mouse key and highlight those counties.  This will enlarge the counties of interest and give greater detail.  Use the dropdown menu on the right side of the map to select your Crop and Yield Type (Irrigated, Non-Irrigated, or ALL).  Move your cursor over a county and a pop-up window will appear with more detailed information for the selected county.

For more information and explainations of values, see publication HERE.

Disclaimer: No warranty is given or implied by the authors or Kansas State University.  The Farm Service Agency will determine all final and official numbers that determine ARC-CO payments.  Questions may be directed to Robin Reid, 785.532.0964 or; Art Barnaby:; or Rich