Comparison of 2019 NASS vs RMA County Corn Yields

The county yield data source for the Agricultural Risk Coverage County-level (ARC-CO) program was a debate in passing the 2018 Farm Bill, which ultimately changed from a National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) reported yield to a Risk Management Agency (RMA) reported yield.  This change takes effect for the first time with the payments that will be made this October for the crop that was harvested in 2019.  The authors compared county yields reported from both sources in the map below.  For more information on this map and what the values represent, click HERE.

Move your cursor over a county and a pop-up window will appear with more detailed information for the selected county.  Use the zoom features on the map to get a closer look at your state.  Questions may be directed to Robin Reid:; or Rich Llewelyn: