Harnessing the Power of Excel: A Workshop

No workshops currently scheduled. Please check back another time. Most of these take place in the winter. 

The ability to use Excel spreadsheets allows users to have the capability to benefit from the many Excel calculators and tools publicly available. These day-long workshops will provide hands-on Excel training. The workshops will use laptop computers to allow participants to create their own spreadsheets. Various spreadsheets will be created which will teach the following skills: creating appropriate mathematical formulae and using the correct functions, linking between sheets, using absolute and relative references, formatting, copying, look-up tables, and what-if analysis. In addition, a portion of the afternoon session will introduce several of the Excel tools on the AgManager.info website and allow participants to use these tools in a situation where they can ask questions of the workshop presenters.

For more information, contact Rich Llewelyn at the phone or email below:
Phone: 785-532-1504  Email: rvl@ksu.edu