Kansas Farm Land Values and Income Webinar

A three-part series of webinars to provide understanding about Kansas land values, property valuations for tax purposes and 2020 net farm income and projections for 2021. 

May 12: Kansas Land Values - Robin Reid and Allen Featherstone:   RECORDING

Increasing commodity prices, large government payments and low interest rates are all contributing to a strengthening land market.  This session will focus on what the agricultural land market in Kansas experienced in 2020 and forecasts for what could happen in 2021 with regards to land prices.  While the agricultural economy seems to have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel, producers will need to carefully evaluate land purchase decisions.

May 19: Property Valuation of Ag Land in Kansas - Allen Featherstone  RECORDING
This webinar will discuss the process for calculating the landlord net income for property tax computations and provide information with regards to when agricultural landlord net income may begin to fall. Given net farm income, the divergence between use value net farm income and the net incomes received by farmers continues to be an item of discussion. There will be some discussion on looking at how net income would follow farm income if the eight year average of the eight year averages was modified. Leah Tsoodle assists with the information presented


KFMA 2020 Summary Farm Income Results - Kevin Herbel and Mark Dikeman
Kansas Farm Management Association 2020 Summary Results - Reviewing the wild ride of 2020 with a look at the KFMA summary data from last year.

Projections for 2021 Net Farm Income in Kansas - Gregg Ibendahl
This presentation will examine the outlook for net farm income for this year and also provide a peak into the following year. In addition to the overall estimate of NFI, we will examine some of the major expense categories, and what farmers can do to help control these expenses.

Dates & Location

Webinar - Zoom

Webinar - Zoom

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