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Recent Updates

Grain Outlook Newsletter: USDA June 30th Acreage and Quarterly Stocks Implications 
7, 2014 by Dan O'Brien
In The Cattle Markets
June 30,
2014 by Glynn Tonsor/LMIC
Livestock Outlook Radio Program
June 30, 2014
by Glynn Tonsor/LMIC 
USDA Acreage and Quarterly Stocks Report Quick Analysis Spreadsheet 
June 30
, 2014 by Dan O'Brien
Grain Outlook Radio Program
June 27,
2014 by Dan O'Brien
Updated Crop Basis Tool
June 26, 2014
by Mykel Taylor
Crop Basis Maps
June 26, 201
4 by Mykel Taylor
Livestock and Hay Charts
19, 2014 by Glynn Tonsor and Wyatt Pracht
Grain Outlook Newsletter: Soybean Market Outlook in June 2014 
19, 2014 by Dan O'Brien
Grain Outlook Newsletter: Corn Market Outlook in June 2014 
June 18
, 2014 by Dan O'Brien
Grain Outlook Newsletter: Wheat Market Outlook in June 2014 
June 16,
2014 by Dan O'Brien
World Grain Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE)
June 11,
2014 by Rich Llewelyn
Cattle Finishing Historical and Projected Returns
June 11, 2014 by Glynn Tonsor
Updated Estimates for the Marketing Year Average (MYA) Prices
June 9,
2014 by Art Barnaby
Grain Outlook Newsletter: U.S. Grain Sorghum and World Coarse Grain Market Outlook 
6, 2014 by Dan O'Brien
Illinois Corn Crop Insurance Loss Experience is Better than Kansas Wheat. Are You Sure that is Correct?
June 2,
2014 by Art Barnaby
2013 Kansas Land Values Webinar: Recording and Slides
May 30, 2014
by Mykel Taylor
Agricultural Lender Survey - Spring 2014
May 30, 2014
by Brady Brewer, Brian Briggeman, Allen Featherstone, Christine Wilson
2013 KFMA Enterprise Reports
May 29, 2014
by Kevin Herbel, Gregg Ibendahl and KFMA Economists
2013 KFMA State, Association and County Summaries
May 29, 2014
by Kevin Herbel, Gregg Ibendahl and KFMA Economists
Differences Between High-, Medium-, and Low-Profit Crop Producers
May 27, 2014
by Kevin Dhuyvetter and Lacey Ward
Kansas County-Level 2013 Land Values
May 23, 2014
by Mykel Taylor and Kevin Dhuyvetter
Future Consumers "Keep It Coming": Conversations of Possibility With the Canola Council of Canada
May 19, 2014
by Vincent Amanor-Boadu
2013 KFMA Executive Summary
May 15, 2014
by Kevin Herbel and Gregg Ibendahl
Futures-Based Price Forecasts for Diesel Fuel
May 5, 2014
by Kevin Dhuyvetter
Crop Insurance Changes: Video Interview with Art Barnaby
May 2,
2014 by Art Barnaby
An Ag Lenderís Experience is Large Farmers Generate Crop Insurance Underwriting Losses
April 22,
2014 by Art Barnaby
Do Farmers Need Multiple Entities for Crop Insurance Purposes?
April 18,
2014 by Art Barnaby
Nitrogen Fertilizer Prices (Pencast)
April 15, 2014
by Gregg Ibendahl
Connecting Livestock Producers with Recent Economic Research (CLPER)
April 10, 2014 by Glynn Tonsor
The Farm Bill: Down in the "Weeds Numbers": Updated Presentation
April 8,
2014 by Art Barnaby
Farm Bill Questions and Comments from Readers
April 1,
2014 by Art Barnaby

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