Production Economics

Beef Cattle

Title Author Date Downloads
Beef Cow Leasing Arrangements (Simple) July 2016
Cattle Breakeven Prices Yearling-Fed May 2016
Cattle Breakeven Prices Calf-Yearling May 2016
KSU-Beef Replacement May 2016
KSU-Bull vs AI Breeding Costs May 2016
Is Adding Livestock the Solution to Profit Margins? A State and Regional Level Analysis December 2015
Differences Between High-, Medium-, and Low-Profit Cow-Calf Producers
December 2015
Feed Costs: Pasture vs Non Pasture Costs December 2015
Benchmarking Situation and Practices of U.S. Stocker Operations December 2015
Net Present Value of Beef Replacements -- Regional Analysis Summary November 2013
Net Present Value of Beef Replacements -- Sensitivity Analysis Summary November 2013
Beef Cow Leasing Arrangements February 2013
Feedlot Costs of Vaccinating Cattle for E. coli December 2012
Value of Gain Projections: Overview of Forecasts Accuracy September 2012
KSU-Cow Wintering Costs -- Excel spreadsheet to estimate the costs of wintering cows or heifers November 2011
Value of Gain: Current Situation and Overview of Available Decision Tools September 2011
Evaluating Cattle Cycles: Changes Over Time and Implications September 2011
K-State Feeder Cattle Price Analyzer March 2010
Factors Affecting Feeder Cattle Prices at Auction Markets November 2009