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Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO)
A Webinar by Dr. Art Barnaby
Hosted by Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics.


A recording of the webinar is now available (for the same fee of $25). 
The registration link is:
Registration Fee: $25

Note: after you register, you may not receive the link immediately, since it is a manual process, but you should receive it within an hour during a working day, or by 8:30 am the next working day if you register at night or on the weekend.
Questions? Contact Rich Llewelyn, rvl@ksu.edu or 785.532.1504.

The "Agriculture Act of 2014" includes the Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO), the additional insurance coverage offered in 2015. The SCO coverage is defined as the deductible share of the farmer’s APH yield times the crop insurance prices, using the county losses as the triggering mechanism, while the liability is a function of the underlying deductible in the standard crop insurance contract. Farmers who make the one-time irrevocable decision to enroll in ARC, will not be eligible to purchase SCO. All other farmers in conservation compliance will have the annual decision to add additional SCO coverage. SCO was not defined in the Farm Bill, but left to the Risk Management Agency (RMA) to develop the program.

Dr. Art Barnaby will discuss the SCO coverage, showing how it will favor farmers with the best production history in the county and makes the APH adjustment that drops farmers’ yields from their history in years the county has at least a 50% yield loss even more valuable.

More Information:
   Rich Llewelyn        785.532.1504        rvl@ksu.edu

   Art Barnaby            785.532.1515        barnaby@ksu.edu

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