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The Agricultural Act of 2014: An Update
A Webinar by Dr. Art Barnaby and Dr. Mykel Taylor
Hosted by Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics.

October 2, 2014 at 10:00 am CDT
(approximately 1 hour for presentation, followed by questions)

The link for the webinar recording is:
Registration Fee for Recording: $25
Instructions for viewing the recording will be sent following registration.

If you are unable to register with a credit card or have problems registering,
contact Rich Llewelyn: rvl@ksu.edu or 785.532.1504.

A recording of the webinar will be available (for the same fee of $25) for those unable to participate on October 2. Register for the webinar and receive instructions of how to access recording, following the webinar.   

KSU will offer an hour-long webinar to update farmers and others on the tradeoffs between selecting the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) vs. Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC). The main factors that will influence the decision are: 1. Farmersí Farm Service Agency (FSA) program yield and base acres; 2. Farmersí Actual Production History (APH) for crop insurance. It is unlikely the APH and FSA program yield will be the same; 3. Farmersí expectation on the level of prices, especially those prices in the later years of the commodity title; 4. Farmerís yield expectations (in some cases crop has already been harvested); 5. The expected county yield used for setting the Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO); and 6. The premium cost for SCO vs. premium cost for higher levels for individual crop insurance coverage.

We will also cover the Oklahoma State University-Kansas State University commodity program computer decision aid. The OSU-KSU model is a decision aid that covers all program crops, states and counties. The development of this decision aid was funded with grant money and is available free to the public. It is an Excel-based decision aid and is expected to help farmers running the numbers to see which commodity program best fits their farm.

More Information:
   Rich Llewelyn        785.532.1504        rvl@ksu.edu

   Art Barnaby            785.532.1515        barnaby@ksu.edu

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