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In The Cattle Markets Tonsor/LMIC April 22, 2015
Grain Outlook O'Brien April 9, 2015
"Focused on Grains" Blog by Dan O'Brien O'Brien Ongoing
KFMA Newsletter or  Archives Herbel, Ibendahl, and KFMA Economists July 14, 2014
Applied Economics Policy and Perspectives (AEPP) Podcasts AAEA and K-State Ag Economists Ongoing

USDA Agricultural Outlook Conference (February 19-20, 2015)

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Extension Agricultural Economist New!
Kansas Farm Management Association Northeast

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Extension Assistant, Land Use Value Program

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Extension Agricultural Economist
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KSRN Livestock Market Outlook Weekly Radio Interview - Glynn Tonsor & LMIC April 20, 2015 Download
KSRN Grain Market Outlook Weekly Radio Interview - Dan O'Brien
KSRN Grain Market Outlook Materials 
KSRN Radio: Ethanol Markets Materials 
April 24, 2015
April 24, 2015
March 26, 2015

Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University reports on a new court ruling out of Missouri that he calls an important win for production agriculture: it affirmed the protections that state has instituted for farmers and ranchers against nuisance lawsuits over their agricultural practices. April 22, 2015 Download
K-State agricultural economist Mykel Taylor reports on the trends indicated in the just-released Kansas County-Level Land Values for Cropland and Pasture report from K-State...that information can serve as a benchmark for determining land transaction prices and rental rates...she also talks about a K-State webinar taking place tomorrow which will cover that report in detail. April 21, 2015 Download
K-State cropping systems economist Terry Griffin discusses how precision farming data is becoming a more prominent factor in determining farmland values, saying that at some point either premiums will be paid for land with such data available, or there will be discounts for land that isn't accompanied by data. April 14, 2015 Download
Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen reviews a handful of new court rulings on agriculture-related cases, including a decision out of Texas on whether a senior water right trumps a specific state exemption from water use restrictions. April 8, 2015 Download
The manager of the Masters in Agribusiness program out of K-State, Deborah Kohl, talks about the next opportunity for agricultural professionals to take part in that distance education opportunity, which will be built around animal health themes. April 7, 2015 Download
New K-State cropping systems economist Terry Griffin talks about collecting and managing crop production data through precision technology, and what he tells producers about utilizing the technology for the benefit of their economic returns. April 2, 2015 Download
The state director of the Farm Service Agency, Adrian Polansky, offers some last-minute input for crop producers ahead of the deadline for making the choice on the farm program "safety net" options, which is next Tuesday....also, K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby reports on a change in one of the ARC/PLC decision-making tools worth knowing about. March 27, 2015 Download
Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen covers several recent agriculture-related court decisions, one of which is the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling earlier this month in the long-running dispute between Kansas and Nebraska over water availability from the Republican River basin. March 25, 2015 Download
Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen highlights two recent court decisions on disputes over zoning regulations, one involving a farm exemption and C-R-P acreage and the other involving enforcement of a city ordinance on farm ground within the city limits. March 11, 2015 Download
K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby previews a final K-State webinar for crop producers next week, on choosing which farm program safety net option to commit to as the deadline for that decision is the end of this month. March 6, 2015 Download
K-State agricultural economist Mykel Taylor discusses the just-posted estimates on cash rental rates for Kansas cropland for 2015, calculated on a county-by-county basis...this information is intended to help the tenant and landlord determine the most equitable lease rate for both parties, given the current economics of crop production. February 19, 2015 Download
K-State agricultural economist Robin Reid tackles several frequently-asked questions about the new commodity program options for crop producers, with the enrollment deadline just over a month away. She addresses such things as updating payment yields and reallocating acreage bases, how the irrigation designation for an individual county factors into the program choice; what appears to be the best program option for sunflower growers; and upgrades to the on-line K-State / Oklahoma State decision tool that producers can use to finalize their program decisions. February 17, 2015 Part 1

Part 2

Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University reviews two recent court decisions...one concerning a dispute over a cropland leasing agreement and the other over alleged trespass by a neighboring oil exploration company. February 11, 2015 Download
K-State livestock economist Ted Schroeder covers his latest analysis of price discovery in the cattle and hog markets, and some of the market complications resulting from the long-standing trend away from direct cattle and hog trading in favor of increased formula pricing. February 9, 2015 Download
The director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center at K-State, Brian Briggeman, previews a special forum coming up for grain producers and grain elevator operators, which will examine the impact of railroad shuttle loading facilities on wheat price basis locally...this program will be beneficial to cooperatives which might have an interest in investing in a such a facility. February 3, 2015 Download
K-State agricultural economist Brian Briggeman provides an overview of the university's latest Agricultural Lenders Survey, which polls agricultural financial institutions nationwide on trends in farm loan volumes, interest rates, and expectations on agricultural land values. January 28, 2015 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University discusses a recent court ruling in a case involving a confined livestock feeding operation and its manure management, and whether that operation's practices fall under federal solid waste regulations. January 28, 2015 Download
K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby goes over aspects of the new USDA commodity program features that are raising questions with producers, as Art and fellow K-State agricultural economists conduct the series of Farm Bill decision informational meetings around Kansas this winter: he walks through the basics of how crop prices and yields are determined for program purposes, and how each factors into the ARC and PLC program options...he also talks about the yields for 2014 wheat program payments that were just released by the USDA, and how the variations in those yields from county to county in Kansas will impact the likely returns to producers from each of the program options. January 21, 2015 Part 1

Part 2

Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen cites two new court rulings out of Kansas that both address oil and gas exploration issues...one having to do with who is responsible for plugging abandoned oil wells. January 14, 2015 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University covers the top 10 agricultural law and taxation developments of 2014, saying that several of those will spill over into this new year, with monumental implications for agricultural producers and rural dwellers. January 7, 2015 Part 1

Part 2

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