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In The Cattle Markets Tonsor/LMIC October 13, 2014
Grain Outlook O'Brien October 2, 2014
"Focused on Grains" Blog by Dan O'Brien O'Brien Ongoing
KFMA Newsletter or  Archives Herbel, Ibendahl, and KFMA Economists July 14, 2014
Applied Economics Policy and Perspectives (AEPP) Podcasts AAEA and K-State Ag Economists Ongoing

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Extension Agricultural Economist New!
Kansas Farm Management Association Southwest

Dodge City, KS PDF

Assistant Professor, Extension Agricultural Economics
K-State Department of Agricultural Economics

Manhattan, KS PDF

Extension Specialist, Agricultural Economics
Assistant Professor or Instructor depending on academic degree.
K-State Department of Agricultural Economics

Garden City, KS PDF

Assistant Professor, Food and Agribusiness Management
K-State Department of Agricultural Economics

Manhattan, KS PDF

Assistant Professor (80% teaching and 20% research)
Kansas Farm Management Association Northwest

Manhattan, KS PDF

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Financial Decisions Made Easy

Brian Briggeman
Ed Clark/Top Producer

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KSRN Livestock Market Outlook Weekly Radio Interview - Glynn Tonsor & LMIC October 13, 2014 Download
KSRN Grain Market Outlook Weekly Radio Interview - Dan O'Brien
KSRN Grain Market Outlook Materials 
WILL Radio: Ethanol Markets Materials 
October 17, 2014
October 17, 2014
September 23, 2014

Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University discusses the new circuit court ruling on whether non-farmers must pay self-employment tax on Conservation Reserve Program payments...he talks about what this ruling means to Kansas C-R-P contract holders who aren't actively engaged in farming.  October 15, 2014 Download
Commodity program specialist Terry Hawk of the Farm Service Agency goes over the just-announced timeline for enrolling in one of the program options under the new farm bill, the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) program or the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) program...he also talks about what the FSA is doing to ready for program sign-up.   October 8, 2014 Download
Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen covers several recent court decisions relevant to agricultural producers, including the ruling on a case over the validity of a farming partnership between parents and son, as perceived by the lending institution for both parties.  October 1, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economist Mykel Taylor announces that the decision-making tool created by Oklahoma State University and K-State for crop producers on the new farm program "safety net" options is now available for use...how to do so will be featured in a special webinar out of K-State taking place tomorrow, and she'll have the details.  October 1, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economist Robin Reid goes over a new facet of the USDA commodity programs, developed for dairy producers to help them manage their risk, called the Dairy Margin Protection Program...she talks about how it differs from the previous price-support mechanism, and points to a new spreadsheet tool that producers can use in their enrollment decisions.  September 24, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economist Mykel Taylor discusses renegotiating cropland rental agreements, in light of the major decline in crop prices over the last several months...she suggests that cash rents, as well as crop-share terms and flex leases, deserve another look by tenants and landlords, to assure that the lease terms remain fair for both parties.  September 23, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economist Bryan Schurle looks at the latest trend in Kansas farm and ranch land values...he compares a trio of resources for gauging that trend, as he covered at the recent Risk and Profit Conference at K-State.  September 23, 2014 Download
K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby offers some last-minute input for winter wheat producers on insuring the 2015 crop, as the deadline for enrolling is coming up in a little over a week...including his recommendation on enrolling in the new supplemental coverage option created by the farm bill.  September 19, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University covers an assortment of recently-decided court cases relevant to agricultural producers...among them, a case where a landowner wished to terminate an oil and gas lease because of decades of inactivity by the company holding the lease, and two cases involving claims under the federal homebuyer tax credit.  September 17, 2014 Download
The director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center at K-State, Brian Briggeman, offers his insight on the mounting concern over rail transport availability as the fall grain harvest commences...he talks about the major issues the railroad snags have caused for grain producers and elevators in the northern plains, and whether those same issues could spread to Kansas.  September 16, 2014 Download
University of Nebraska agricultural policy specialist Brad Lubben recaps several of the key issues that were brought up at a farm bill forum held last week in Kansas City, where university agricultural policy specialists from across the nation gathered to discuss the implementation of the new-look commodity title of the farm bill, and what producers should be learning about it.  September 9, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economist Nathan Hendricks discusses his economic analysis on limited irrigation water management: which crop watering approach renders the more favorable economic returns to the producer, when water availability is reduced, which ties into the local enhanced management area concept being considered by some groundwater management districts in Kansas.  September 4, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University has important information about health benefit packages that farm operators provide to their employees, and whether they are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.  September 3, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economist Mykel Taylor address several frequently-asked questions about the new USDA commodity program features, and what a producer should consider when weighing those options...she spoke on the topic at the recent Risk and Profit Conference at K-State.  August 28, 2014 Download
An agricultural economist with K-State's Kansas Farm Management Association, Mike Vogt, talks about the on-line spreadsheet he has developed for putting an economic value on corn silage, which can also be used to determine the value of corn stover and other crop forage feedstuffs...the spreadsheet is available for any producer to use.  August 26, 2014 Download
The keynote speaker at last week's K-State Risk and Profit Conference, Iowa State University agricultural economist Dermot Hayes, talks about recent changes in agricultural and rural policy in China, and what those changes portend for U.S. agricultural interests, in terms of doing further export business with that country.  August 25, 2014 Download
A featured speaker at that Risk and Profit Conference, southeast Kansas hog and crop producer Michael Springer, talks about that path to success that his multi-generation family farm has followed, and about what he's learned while serving as a public advocate for the hog industry in specific and agriculture in general...he believes that headway is being made by agriculture's public outreach efforts. August 22, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University goes over several fresh new court rulings of interest to agricultural producers, including a dispute over a change in a farmland leasing arrangement that lead to the former tenant paying a hefty penalty...and another liability case over livestock on a roadway.  August 20, 2014 Download
K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby explains the "50% rule" tied to the new USDA grain "safety net" programs, which he says is causing some confusion for producers....he'll be addressing that and other facets of the new ARC and PLC program options at the K-State Risk and Profit Conference coming up on the campus next week.  August 15, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economics researcher Melissa McKendree and livestock economist Glynn Tonsor talk about Melissa's study of the differences in beef producer and consumer views on animal welfare practices in the cattle industry, which revealed useful information for the beef cattle sector in addressing future animal welfare issues...they will be presenting their findings at the upcoming K-State Risk and Profit Conference next week.  August 13, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economist Robin Reid talks about a recent survey she and colleagues conducted of pasture lease trends in north-central Kansas, finding out information on rental rates, stocking rates, grazing season variations and other factors...she'll be presenting this information at the upcoming K-State Risk and Profit Conference next week in Manhattan. August 12, 2014 Download
K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby runs through his latest projections on which of the two new USDA commodity program options will best fit for Kansas crop producers: the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) option or the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) option....he says that the choice is much clearer now for wheat producers.  August 12, 2014 Download
K-State livestock economist Glynn Tonsor provides remarks on the recent closing of two more beef packing plants, on the heels of other plant closures over the past year: why those closures are occurring, and what the trend means, long-term, for the cattle production sector.   August 7, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University sizes up the latest court decision on the legal challenge against the USDA's country-of-origin labeling requirement for meat products...he contends that the ruling still lacks for legal clarity, and that the issue itself sets a negative tone for government's role in regulating commerce.  August 6, 2014 Download
A guest speaker at K-State this week, Montana State University agricultural economist Anton Bekkerman, who works with Mykel Taylor, talks about his study of how shuttle train grain loading facilities have influenced the prices received by Kansas grain producers.   July 23, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University comments on new agricultural law developments, including a key ruling on a provision of the Affordable Health Care Act, and another proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency that he says is wholly unconstitutional.  July 23, 2014 Download
K-State farm management economist Gregg Ibendahl talks about trends in key financial ratios that are evident in the Kansas Farm Management Association's 2013 Kansas net farm income report, and he talks about how that overall report matches up with the USDA's farm income analysis.  July 18, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen, of Iowa State University, canvasses several recent developments from the courts, including a case involving logging vehicle business miles for tax deduction purposes, and a ruling on a farmer's attempt to minimize the extent of his farm partnership in a divorce case.  July 9, 2014 Download

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