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In The Cattle Markets Tonsor/LMIC April 15, 2014
Grain Outlook O'Brien April 1, 2014
"Focused on Grains" Blog by Dan O'Brien O'Brien Ongoing
KFMA Newsletter or  Archives Herbel, Ibendahl, and KFMA Economists January 22, 2013
Applied Economics Policy and Perspectives (AEPP) Podcasts AAEA and K-State Ag Economists Ongoing

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 Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University

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Financial Decisions Made Easy

Brian Briggeman
Ed Clark/Top Producer


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KSRN Livestock Market Outlook Weekly Radio Interview - Glynn Tonsor & LMIC April 21, 2014 Download
KSRN Grain Market Outlook Weekly Radio Interview - Dan O'Brien
KSRN Grain Market Outlook Materials 
WILL Radio: Ethanol Markets Materials 
April 18, 2014
April 18, 2014
March 25, 2014

Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University shares more recent developments in the agricultural law arena, including a tax court ruling on a horse breeder's business losses, and on a test of one state's "buy-the-farm" statute associated with utility companies seeking easements on agricultural property.  April 16, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University discusses two new court rulings relating to trusts, and how those rulings are of great importance to agricultural producers, one being a decision on the IRS stance on passive income.  April 2, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen, from Iowa State, reviews a decision by the Kansas Supreme Court that abandons assumption of the risk doctrine in a case involving farm employee personal injury actions and what that may mean for Kansas farmers and ranchers.  March 5, 2014 Download
K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby digs deeper into the commodity program options for grain producers in the new farm bill, and which options appear most advantageous to Kansas growers, based on Art's analysis...he encourages producers to go ahead and start pulling together production and sales records on their grain production in advance of sign-up, which won't take place until much later in the year.  March 4, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen of Iowa State University covers two recent legal developments of interest to producers: a upper-court ruling on the IRS' attempt to regulate private tax preparers, many of which serve farmers and ranchers...and a lawsuit filed by a neighboring state against the state of California over its regulations regarding livestock production methods, which Roger believes is an unconstitutional restriction on commerce.  February 19, 2014 Download
K-State agricultural economist Kevin Dhuyvetter talks about the new custom rates projections for farm and ranch operations that he has just released, and how producers either hiring or providing custom operations can make use of that information...he also talks about a K-State spreadsheet tool that can be helpful in this task. February 18, 2014 Download
K-State risk management specialist Art Barnaby talks about the reconfigured commodity programs within the new federal farm bill, including the new components: the Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) option, the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) option and the Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO). He shares preliminary analysis of ARC and PLC for wheat and corn in Kansas. He also talks about the changes in crop insurance coverage, and previews a K-State webinar coming up that will cover the program options.  February 13, 2014 Part 1

Part 2

The director of the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation at Iowa State University, Roger McEowen, highlights a few of the unsung features of the new federal farm bill which has now been passed by Congress, including language dealing with the Clean Water Act and eligibility for food stamps under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. February 5, 2014 Download
K-State assistant director of Extension Gregg Hadley looks at several common beliefs about farm succession planning, and whether those beliefs are valid...this outlines a good procedure to follow in planning for passing the farm or ranch down to the next generation, a topic he'll be presenting at the upcoming Women Managing the Farm Conference next week in Manhattan. February 5, 2014 Part 1

Part 2

K-State livestock economist Ted Schroder and two of his graduate student researchers, Garrett Lister and Marcus Brix, talk about their new study of how consumers rank certain livestock product traits, or "food values", when making purchasing decisions...the results show that consumers definitely prioritize those values when considering purchases of beef steak, ground beef, milk and chicken. February 4, 2014 Download
Agricultural policy specialist Brad Lubben of the University of Nebraska discusses several finer points of the commodity title within the new farm bill which has just cleared the U.S. House, and will be taken up by the Senate next week. January 31, 2014 Download
Vincent Amanor-Boadu discusses the results of his new analysis of the North American Free Trade Agreement and its impact on the U.S. agricultural economy, as NAFTA has now been in place for 20 years. January 24, 2014 Download
Agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen covers three recent court decisions of interest to agricultural producers...one having to do with tax deductions from hobby farming, and another concerning denials of crop insurance payouts to producers for lack of "good farming practices." January 22, 2014 Download
Agricultural policy specialist Brad Lubben of the University of Nebraska offers insight on the latest farm bill delay, the sticking point now being dairy policy...he talks about what will need to happen from here to move the bill through conference committee and on to the full congressional vote, and how long it might be before the farm bill process is finished. January 14, 2014 Download
A comprehensive look at the top ten developments in agricultural law and taxation in 2013, as compiled by Iowa State University agricultural law specialist Roger McEowen. This list represents the most important court rulings and tax policy developments of relevance to farmers and ranchers this past year, ranging from decisions on environmental issues to property tax liability to property rights cases, among other areas of legal interest. January 8, 2014 Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
K-State agricultural economist Kevin Dhuyvetter reports on an important adjustment to K-State's latest cash rent guidelines for non-irrigated farm ground. January 6, 2014 Download

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