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KFMA Research

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Factors Influencing the Adoption of Precision Agricultural Technologies by Kansas Farmers December 1, 2016
Precision Agriculture Technology Adoption and Obsolescence September 14, 2016
Net Farm Income by Decile Group September 14, 2016
An Analysis of Family Living Expense Categories September 14, 2016
Characteristics of Agricultural Leases Across Kansas

Results of a Kansas Farm Management Association Leasing Survey - Part 1

June 8, 2016
Executive Summary for Building Trusted Relationships with Farmers June 8, 2016
Adoption of Precision Agricultural Technology in Kansas June 8, 2016
An Analysis of Family Living of Kansas Farm Families June 6, 2016
A Profitability Comparison of No-Till and Tillage Farms June 6, 2016
Is Adding Livestock the Solution to Profit Margins? A State and Regional Level Analysis December 17, 2015
Differences Between High-, Medium-, and Low-Profit Cow-Calf Producers

An Analysis of 2010-2014 Kansas Farm Management Association Cow-Calf Enterprise

December 17, 2015
Feed Costs: Pasture vs Non Pasture Costs

An Analysis of 2010-2014 Kansas Farm Management Association Cow Calf Enterprise

December 17, 2015
Credit Quality of Kansas Farms November 25, 2015
Machinery Investment by Level of Farm Profitability November 25, 2015
Do Profitable Farms Remain Profitable? Probability of Switching Between Profit Categories October 19, 2015
Potential Use of Gross Revenue Insurance on Beef Farms in Southeast Kansas August 28, 2015
Using Solvency Ratios to Predict Future Profitability August 28, 2015
Productivity of KFMA Members between 1993 and 2011 August 28, 2015