Farm Bill

Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill) 

Disclaimer: These materials are designed to aid farmers with their marketing and risk decisions.  This information is based on the authors’ interpretation of the 2014 Farm Bill.  Some details may change after final rules and regulations are released by FSA.  This information is intended for educational purposes only.   


Farm Bill 2014

Commodity Program Papers

Title Author Date Downloads
USDA FSA Factsheet and Information on Marketing Loans July 2016
MYA Price Estimates Updated for ARC and PLC Commodity Programs June 2016
2014 Payment Calculator and 2015 PLC/ARC-CO Tradeoff September 2015
2014 Kansas ARC-CO Estimated Payments An interactive map showing 2014 estimated ARC-CO payments for crops in Kansas. September 2015
Comparing Agricultural Risk Coverage to Price Loss Coverage Election in Kansas and the U.S. June 2015
Why Are OSU-KSU Decision Tool Results Changing? March 2015
Milo Prices with the Farm Bill? March 2015
Are the Farm Bill Computer Models Always Right? March 2015
Farmers and Others are Asking Why Different University Farm Bill Decision Aids Give Different Results? March 2015
Reallocating Base Acres: 2014 Farm Bill February 2015
Final Ruling on Historical Irrigated Percentage for the ARC-County Program February 2015
Consequences of a Payment Yield Audit February 2015
What about Sunflowers? With Accompanying Spreadsheet for Comparing PLC and ARC-CO Tradeoff February 2015
Updating Payment Yields: 2014 Farm Bill February 2015
Estimated 2014 ARC-CO Wheat Payments Kansas and Oklahoma January 2015
ARC-CO Yields Are From The Administrative County for the Farm, Not Where the Land is Located December 2014
2014 Farm Bill Decision-Making Steps December 2014
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Title I Programs of the 2014 Farm Bill November 2014
Rumors and Errors on the Farm Bill and the Status of the OSU-KSU Decision Aid November 2014
Glossary of Farm Bill Terms November 2014

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