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Livestock & Meat Marketing: Production Economics

Beef Cattle

Title Author Bulletin/Date Spreadsheet, Video
or Paper
Beef Cow Leasing Arrangements (Simple) New! Reid and Tonsor July, 2016 Excel
SUPPCOST -- Excel spreadsheet for analyzing the cost of supplement programs for beef cattle Pendell, Dhuyvetter, Blasi, and Smith May, 2016 Excel
Cattle Breakeven Prices Yearling-Fed Tonsor, Highfill, and Dhuyvetter May, 2016 Excel
Cattle Breakeven Prices Calf-Yearling Tonsor, Highfill, and Dhuyvetter May, 2016 Excel
KSU-Beef Replacement -- Excel spreadsheet to evaluate the economic value of purchasing replacement females Dhuyvetter and Tonsor May, 2016 Excel
Is Adding Livestock the Solution to Profit Margins? A State and Regional Level Analysis Pendell December, 2015 PDF
Differences Between High-, Medium-, and Low-Profit Cow-Calf Producers: An Analysis of 2010-2014 Kansas Farm Management Association Cow-Calf Enterprise Pendell, Kim, and Herbel December, 2015 PDF
Feed Costs: Pasture vs Non Pasture Costs: An Analysis of 2010-2014 Kansas Farm Management Association Cow Calf Enterprise Pendell and Herbel December, 2015 PDF
Benchmarking Situation and Practices of U.S. Stocker Operations Tonsor, Hill, and Blasi December, 2015 PDF
KSU-Bull vs AI Breeding Costs  Johnson, and Dhuyvetter May, 2016 Excel
Net Present Value of Beef Replacements -- Regional Analysis Summary Tonsor and Dhuyvetter November, 2013 PDF
Net Present Value of Beef Replacements -- Sensitivity Analysis Summary Tonsor and Dhuyvetter November, 2013 PDF
Beef Cow Leasing Arrangements Dhuyvetter and Doye February 2013 PDF / Form / Excel
Feedlot Costs of Vaccinating Cattle for E. coli Lueger, Schroeder, and Renter December, 2012 PDF
Value of Gain Projections: Overview of Forecasts Accuracy Tonsor and Dhuyvetter September, 2012 PDF
Value of Gain: Current Situation and Overview of Available Decision Tools Tonsor and Dhuyvetter September, 2011 PDF
Evaluating Cattle Cycles: Changes Over Time and Implications Tonsor September, 2011 PDF
Factors Affecting Feeder Cattle Prices at Auction Markets Schulz, Dhuyvetter, Harborth, and Waggoner November, 2009 PDF

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Title Author Bulletin/Date Download
FM-Guides--Dairy--(2015).xls Tonsor and Reid June 5, 2015


Silage Storage: Bunkers, Piles, or Bags:  Which is the most economical? Dhuyvetter, et al March, 2014 PDF
Factors Impacting Dairy Profitability:  An Analysis of Kansas Farm Management Association Dairy Enterprise Data Dhuyvetter August, 2011 PDF
Cow Culling Decisions:  Costs or Economic Opportunity? Dhuyvetter, et al March, 2007 PDF
Issues with Dairy Facilities Located in the High Plains Smith, et al March, 2006 PDF

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Title Author Bulletin/Date Download
FM-Guides--Swine--(2015).xls Tonsor and Reid June 5, 2015


The Outlook for the Swine Industry and Its Relationship with the Global Economy
Allen D. Leman Swine Conference. St. Paul, MN.
Briggeman September 19, 2011 Download
Estimating the Value of Segregated Early Weaned Pigs Dhuyvetter MF-2221: 1996 PDF

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