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Training Resources

Title Date Downloads
KAMS case invoice form

Invoice form for reinbursement of performing Farm Analyst services with a KAMS case

March 1, 2017
KAMS case cover letter and request for visit

Cover letter template to be used with KAMS cases

February 28, 2017
Letter for Extension Boards

Letter that explains reinbursement structure for KAMS and non-KAMS cases

October 17, 2016
KSU Farm Analyst Fee Structure October 16, 2016
FINPACK Training Start-up Instructions

Online training instructions 2016

August 9, 2016
Agent Update 2015

Video of Agent Training
1. KFMA-Based Farm Financial Profile and Machinery Costs (Gregg Ibendahl)
2. Farm Safety Net, Current & Future (Art Barnaby)
3. KSU Farm Analyst Program Overview (Duane Hund)
4. Kansas Ag Mediation Services Overview (Forrest Buhler)
5. Land Values and Property Tax Update (Mykel Taylor)
6. Overview of the Farm Economy (Allen Featherstone)
7. Livestock Production Economics Update (Dustin Pendell)
8. Cropland Rental Rate Estimates for 2016 (Mykel Taylor)


December 10, 2015
Recording of FINPACK Training Dec. 9th, 2015

Video of FINPACK Training

December 9, 2015
Kansas Case Farm 2015

Case Farm to Input for December 9th, 2015 Training

December 8, 2015
Bob & Bonnie Price Case Farm

Case Farm for Oct. 11th, 2016 Training

Center for Farm Financial Management (CFFM) Website

CFFM Website at University of Minnesota. 

CFFM Training Page

CFFM training page.

CFFM Webinars

1. Introduction to Training Webinar
2. Webinar on Detailed Balance Sheets
3. Webinar on Budgets
4. Webinar on Long-Range Planning (FINLRB)
5. Webinar on Monthly Cash Flow (FINFLO)

K-State Agricultural Economics Webinars

1. Detailed Balance Sheets (October 30th)
2. Budgets (November 6th)
3. Long-Range Planning-FINLRB (November 13th)
4. Monthly Cash Flow Plan-FINFLO (November 20th)

Resources for Working with Producers

Input Sheets

Title Downloads
K-State Input Sheet and Cover Letter

Word file with input sheet and cover letter.

FINPACK Blank Worsheets
Excel spreadsheet with blank worksheets.

Balance Sheet

Title Downloads
Land Values

Kansas county land values from Mykel Taylor.

FSA Prices (Crops and Livestock)

Crop and livestock prices from FSA.

Kansas Hay Market Report
Hay prices from the Ag Marketing Service (AMS) of USDA.
Duane's Rules of Thumb

Rules-of-thumb for budgets from Duane Hund.


Title Downloads
Duane's Rules of Thumb

Rules-of-thumb for balance sheets from Duane Hund.

Farm Management Guides Links

1. Non-irrigated Crops.
2. Irrigated Crops.
3. Livestock.

KFMA Enterprise Reports

Historical KFMA Enterprise Reports 

Custom Rates for Kansas

Projected Custom Rates for Kansas

Long-Range Planning

Title Downloads
Duane's Rules of Thumb

Rules-of-thumb for long-range planning from Duane Hund.

Cropland and Pasture Rental Rates
1. Irrigated Cropland
2. Non-Irrigated Cropland
3. Grazing Decision Tool
4. Grazing Decision Tool Description
5. Bluestem Pasture Rates
Building Leases
1. Rental Agreements For Farm Buildings & Livestock Facilities
2. 2014 Farm Building Rental Rate Survey

Interpreting Financial Ratio Results

Title Author Date Downloads
KSU-Farm Benchmarking Tool

Benchmarking tool to compare farm financial ratios to KFMA farms of similar scale and region

October 1, 2016
Farm Financial Scorecard
Farm Financial Scorecard
FINPACK Financial Explanations and Calculations
FINPACK Financial Explanations and Calculations 

Additional Resources