2020/2021 National ARC-County Projections

Estimated ARC-CO payments for 2020/2021 are derived from KSU estimated Marketing Year Average (MYA) Prices found HERE and NASS county yields, if available. These could have larger "errors" from the actual yields FSA will determine payments upon as the 2018 Farm Bill changed the county yield data source to RMA.  The NASS yields do represent the best information currently available, however.  The 2020/2021 payment will be paid in October of 2021 on 85% of the base acres only. No adjustments were made for any sequestration.  For more information on this map and what the values represent, click HERE.

Note: These payments are NOT for the marketing year in which producers are currently making farm program election decisions by March 15th, 2021.  These payments are for the crop harvested in 2020.

Use the dropdown menu on the right side of the map to select your Crop and Yield Type (Irrigated, Non-Irrigated, or ALL).  Move your cursor over a county and a pop-up window will appear with more detailed information for the selected county.  If you are using the national map, use the zoom features on the map to get a closer look at your state.

Disclaimer: No warranty is given or implied by the authors or Kansas State University.  The Farm Service Agency will determine all final and official numbers that determine ARC-CO payments.  Questions may be directed to Robin Reid: robinreid@ksu.edu ; or Rich Llewelyn: rvl@ksu.edu.