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Self Employment Taxation of CRP Rents – A Three-Part Series

All 3 parts of this series are on this page. Keep scrolling down. 

November 29, 2021
Selected Tax Provisions of House Bill No. 5376 and Economic Implications November 29, 2021
S Corporations - Reasonable Compensation; Non-Wage Distributions and a Legislative Proposal October 29, 2021
Farm Bankruptcy – “Stripping,” “Claw-Back” and the Tax Collecting Authorities (Update) October 8, 2021
Corporate-Owned Life Insurance - Impact on Corporate Value and Shareholder’s Estate October 8, 2021
Extended Livestock Replacement Period Applies in Areas of Extended Drought - IRS Updated Drought Areas September 30, 2021
The Future of Ag Tax Policy - Where Is It Headed? September 27, 2021
Estate Planning to Protect Assets From Creditors - Dancing On the Line Between Legitimacy and Fraud September 27, 2021
Tax Happenings - Present Status of Proposed Legislation September 27, 2021
Is There a Constitutional Way To Protect Animal Ag Facilities? September 7, 2021
The Illiquidity Problem of Farm and Ranch Estates August 30, 2021
Planning to Avoid Elder Abuse August 30, 2021
Livestock Confinement Buildings and Self-Employment Tax August 30, 2021
Checkoffs and Government Speech-The Merry-Go-Round Revolves Again August 30, 2021
California’s Regulation of U.S. Agriculture August 16, 2021
Navigable Waters Protection Rule - What’s Going on with WOTUS? August 9, 2021
Weather-Related Sales of Livestock August 9, 2021
The “EIDL Trap” For Farm Borrowers July 19, 2021