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Crop Insurance Papers

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2024 Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) Payment Calculator

This calculator will show SCO and ECO payments based on final county yields and harvest price for a farmer's underlying crop insurance contract.

March 8, 2024
Historic ARC, PLC, and SCO Payouts for Kansas Producers: Report Summary and Key Findings March 1, 2024
Kansas ARC, PLC, and SCO Estimated County Outcomes, 2015-2022 March 1, 2024
How to Make an Early Prediction of Whether Your Farm Will Receive an SCO Indemnity February 22, 2024
Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO): 2024 Considerations and 2023 Update February 9, 2024
Kansas Yield Correlation Tool

This tool helps corn, grain sorghum, soybean, and wheat producers analyze the relationship between their yields and county-level yields, which can be useful in deciding whether or not to use high coverage policies such as the Supplement Coverage Option (SCO) and the Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO). Producers will need to have yield records to use the tool.

February 2, 2024
Margin Protection Insurance - Basics and Considerations for the 2024 Crop Year September 6, 2023
High Coverage Crop Insurance Policies - 2023 Considerations and 2022 Update February 8, 2023
Margin Protection Insurance: Introduction and Considerations for the 2023 Crop Year September 6, 2022
High Coverage Crop Insurance Policies: 2022 Considerations and 2021 Update February 17, 2022
Livestock Insurance and LRP October 21, 2020
Protecting Your Forage Supply: Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF) Insurance

Dr. Monte Vandeveer provides information on the Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF) Insurance. 


October 24, 2018
Effects of Crop Insurance on Farm Survival
November 15, 2017
Impact of Subsidy and Income Limits on Farm Size Measured at the State, County, and Farm Level October 9, 2017
Margin Protection: Crop Insurance Premiums and Credits September 14, 2017
Margin Protection Crop Insurance Coverage Comes to Kansas August 30, 2017
Insurance Implications for Late-Planted Corn May 19, 2017
Managing Risk in Today's Agricultural Environment

A webinar by Beth Yeager on February 16, 2016. 

February 16, 2016