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Agriculture's Contribution to the Kansas Economy

The director of the Office of Local Government at K-State, agricultural economist John Leatherman, discusses a brand-new analysis he co-authored, that was unveiled during the recent K-State Risk and Profit Conference:  it's billed as an improved assessment of agriculture's contribution to the Kansas economy. It's a new perspective on the economic importance of production agriculture in this state. He covers agriculture's impact in the areas of exports, gross domestic product, and employment, and he outlines how those impacts differ from one part of the state to the other.

September 1, 2020
The Contribution of Farmer Cooperatives to the Kansas Economy | ACCC Factsheet #14

Link to ACCC Factsheet Series: http://accc.k-state.edu/research/fact_sheet_series.html

March 5, 2019
An Improved Assessment of the Contribution of Agriculture to the Kansas Economy
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