Farm Budget Generator

December 6, 2022
Gregg Ibendahl


1. Click the link below to download the set-up file. 
2. Open the file, click "More Info", then the "Run Anyway" button. 
3. Click "Install", then "Finish" when completed. Locate the "Farm Budget Generator" on the desktop and double-click to open. 
Farm Budget Generator - Windows Version (Set-up)


1. Download FileMaker-to-Go 19 from the iOS store (free app).
2. Open the file below using the FileMaker-to-Go 19 app. 
Farm Budget Generator - iPad Version (iOS)

Instructional Videos:
a. Overview of Farm Budget Generator - 16:01
b. How to Create New Budgets - 18:04
c. How to Change Budgets - 17:54
d. How to Combine Budgets - 7:00 
e. How to Print Budgets - 4:16