Ag Law Issues

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Imputation - When Can an Agent’s Activity Count? July 24, 2020
The Supreme Court’s DACA Opinion and the Impact on Agriculture July 24, 2020
The Cramdown Interest Rate in Chapter 12 Bankruptcy July 10, 2020
Valuing Farm Chattels and Marketing Rights of Farmers July 10, 2020
Dicamba Registrations Cancelled - Or Are They? June 9, 2020
Obtaining Deferral for Non-Deferred Aspects of an I.R.C. 1031 Exchange May 21, 2020
Solar Farms and The Associated Tax Credit May 15, 2020
Concentrated Ag Markets - Possible Producer Response? May 12, 2020
DOJ to Investigate Meatpackers - What’s It All About? May 8, 2020
Disrupted Economic Activity and Force Majeure - Avoiding Contractual Obligations in Time of Pandemic April 17, 2020
Hemp Production - Regulation and Economics April 13, 2020
Disaster/Emergency Legislation - Summary of Provisions Related to Loan Relief and Small Business and Bankruptcy April 13, 2020
Retirement-Related Provisions of the CARES Act April 13, 2020
Income Tax-Related Provisions of Emergency Relief Legislation April 13, 2020
Alternate Valuation - Useful Estate Tax Valuation Provision April 3, 2020
Conflicting Interests in Stored Grain March 27, 2020
Legal Issues Arising from Livestock Buyer Bankruptcy

Presentation by Roger McEowen at Stockton, KS.

PDF of presentation slides. 

April 12, 2019
Do the Roundup Jury Verdicts Have Meaning For My Farming Operation?

From the "Agricultural Law and Taxation Blog" by Roger McEowen, Washburn University School of Law. 

April 9, 2019