Ag Law Issues

Title Author Date Downloads
The “Dormant” Commerce Clause and Agriculture June 18, 2021
Trouble With ARPA June 18, 2021
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The FLSA and Ag’s Exemption From Paying Overtime Wages June 18, 2021
What’s the “Beef” With Conservation Easements? June 18, 2021
The “Mis” STEP Act–What it Means To Your Estate and Income Tax Plan May 7, 2021
Planning for Changes to the Federal Estate and Gift Tax System May 7, 2021
Summer Tax and Business Planning Conferences March 31, 2021
Packers and Stockyards Act Amended - Additional Protection for Unpaid Cash Sellers of Livestock February 26, 2021
Prescribed Burning Legal Issues February 26, 2021
C Corporate Tax Planning: Management Fees and Reasonable Compensation - A Roadmap of What Not to Do February 15, 2021
What Now? Part One February 8, 2021
What Now? Part Two February 8, 2021
Agricultural Law Online January 15, 2021
Can One State Dictate Agricultural Practices in Other States? December 26, 2020
Is Real Estate Held in Trust Eligible For I.R.C. §1031 Exchange Treatment? December 4, 2020
Bankruptcy and the Preferential Payment Rule December 4, 2020
Farmland Lease Income - Proper Tax Reporting November 13, 2020