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Futures Hedging for Livestock Producers

K-State agricultural economist Brian Coffey talks about futures hedging as a livestock risk management tool...he'll be presenting information on using options for that purpose during a special K-State Risk and Profit session online this Wednesday.

January 11, 2021
Hedging Livestock Price Risk with Options on Futures Contracts January 11, 2021
Summary of Feeder Cattle Hedging Performance January 11, 2021
Hedging Feedlot Cattle

K-State agricultural economist Brian Coffey talks about his new study of hedging feedlot cattle in the futures market as a way to manage price risk...he compared the economic returns to hedged and non-hedged cattle over the last 10 years, to gauge the effectiveness of hedging in mitigating that risk.

July 16, 2020
Hedging Kansas Live Cattle: Summary of Outcomes over the Past 10 Years July 10, 2020
Open Interest in the CME Live Cattle Contract April 20, 2020
The Cost of Taking a Day Off

Brian Coffey and Terry Griffin talk about their new economic analysis of how taking part or all of a day off from farming activities for religious purposes affects farm income...their work shows that there is a cost to observing the Sabbath, although that has to be weighed against the faith and spiritual value of doing so.

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December 13, 2018
Live Cattle Delivery to Settle Contract

K-State livestock economists Brian Coffey and Ted Schroeder talk about their new evaluation of the effectiveness of physical delivery of cattle to settle a live cattle futures contract...this in-depth study illustrated the complexity of physical delivery and its function as a risk management tool, and compared it to other alternative means of contract settlement.

August 6, 2018
11. Principles of Hedging Livestock Sales Using Futures Markets August 1, 2018
13. Risk Management in Evolving Live Cattle Markets August 1, 2018