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President, Kansas State University

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Comments on K-State by President Linton


August 1, 2022
2 - Comments on K-State by President Linton August 1, 2022
K-State's Service to Agriculture

An extended conversation with the president of Kansas State University, Richard Linton, about his early efforts to gather feedback from agriculture leaders and stakeholders in Kansas on K-State's role in support of agriculture as a leading land-grant institution...on part one, he outlines a nine-day listening tour he’ll be taking to western and southeast Kansas in June, where he will meet with agricultural interests and conduct open forums to hear input from producers and rural Kansas dwellers.  He also talks about his just-announced initiative to modify the university's strategic plan toward K-State becoming what he terms a "next-generation land-grant institution" and he explains what that might entail.

May 24, 2022
New K-State President Talks Agriculture

The dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University, Richard Linton, who in February will become the next president at Kansas State this first segment, he talks about his background as a food scientist and administrator at three other leading land-grant universities, which he says has helped prepare him for a top leadership role at a land-grant institution; and the great stock he puts into the land-grant foundation of teaching, research and Extension. He also discusses his immediate-term and long-term aspirations for the university in service to agriculture and rural Kansas; the need for infrastructure upgrades in support of agricultural research and outreach as a priority at K-State; and the potential research and education collaboration he foresees between K-State and the National Bio- and Agri-defense Facility. 

December 9, 2021