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KFMA Research

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Persistence in Financial Performance August 28, 2018
Operating Profit Margin Benchmarks August 27, 2018
Monthly Cash Flow for Operating Loan Determination

A spreadsheet to assist in building a monthly cash flow statement to determine operating loan levels.

August 8, 2018
Growth Rates of KFMA Farm Assets and Equity July 11, 2018
KFMA Summary Meeting Presentations - By Region

Northwest                           North-Central

Southwest                          South-Central                        Southeast

June 29, 2018
Do Farms with a Higher Percentage of Debt Capital Pay Higher Interest Rates? June 8, 2018
A Sample of Kansas Farm Management Association Members Use and Effects of Continuous No‐Tillage May 1, 2018
Are Farms with More Debt Larger? April 20, 2018
Is Net Farm Income Affected by Debt Level? April 16, 2018
Debt Levels of KFMA Farms April 12, 2018
Comparing Interest Rates Paid by Farmers April 10, 2018
Comparing the Financial Ratios ROA and ROE April 3, 2018
An Analysis of Family Living in Kansas February 12, 2018
Differences Between High-, Medium-, and Low-Profit Cow-Calf Producers:

An Analysis of 2012-2016 Kansas Farm Management Association Cow-Calf Enterprise

January 2, 2018
Kansas Farm Adoption of Embodied Knowledge and Information Intensive Precision Agriculture Technology Bundles December 7, 2017
Effects of Crop Insurance on Farm Survival
November 15, 2017
Replacing Farm Equipment September 28, 2017
How Long Does It Typically Take Before Farmers Adopt New Technologies? September 28, 2017