Elizabeth Yeager

Assistant Professor
Department of Agricultural Economics
Kansas State University

Documents & Presentations by Elizabeth Yeager
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Cost Of Reliance On GNSS For Autonomous Cotton Harvest - Assessing Potential Vulnerability Of Autonomous Navigation Systems To A GNSS Outage July 9, 2024
Unique Experiences Provided by K-State’s Agricultural Economics Department

In the final installment of our departmental features in K-State’s College of Agriculture, the director of undergraduate programs in the Agricultural Economics Department, Dr. Elizabeth Yeager, as well as two students, discuss the unique experiences they’ve had inside the classroom and abroad.

September 7, 2022
The Effects of Section 179 Deductions and Bonus Depreciation on Farm Financial Ratios August 1, 2021
Agricultural Technology and Productivity Growth

K-State agricultural economists Beth Yeager and Terry Griffin share highlights from a presentation they've prepared for an upcoming symposium being hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in May:  they've pulled together information on how agricultural technology and the use of data will affect agricultural productivity growth in the future, based on their extensive research on technology adoption trends on the part of producers.

April 6, 2021
Operating Profit Margin Benchmarks January 11, 2021
Persistence in Financial Performance January 11, 2021
Interacting with the Next Wave of Farm Operators: Digital Agriculture and Potential Financial Implications October 26, 2020
Farm Generations and Net Farm Income July 26, 2019
The KFMA Operator Database: A short note on age and experience of Kansas farmers July 1, 2019
The Age Demographics of Kansas Farms

Terry Griffin and Beth Yeager talk more about the age demographics of Kansas farms, based on Kansas Farm Management Association data, and the impact of the different farming generations on decisions to adopt precision agricultural technology...this analysis sheds light on important trends of interest to producers and technology providers.

June 24, 2019