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Read the terms of the Kansas Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers membership below.  After reading the membership terms click on the Application above, print out a copy and fill it out and send it in.

Applications need to be sent to the Secretary, Ray Bartholomew, at 4107 S. Obee Road, Hutchinson, KS 67501.

Make checks payable to Kansas Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.

The Kansas society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers is an organization of professional people who are engaged in or have an interest in some phase of farm management and/or rural appraisal work. Membership is composed of people from the following professional groups: farm management consulting companies, insurance companies who make agricultural loans, bands engaged in agricultural lending and farm management services, real estate agencies, Farm Service Agency, Farm Credit Services, Kansas State University farm management and rural appraisal personnel, self-employed rural appraisers and farm managers, county appraisers and others.

            The primary objective of the organization is two-fold: (1) to provide professional training in farm management and rural appraisal and (2) to provide a means of communication for persons associated with farm management and rural appraising.

            Two official meetings of the Kansas Society are held each year – a Winter Meeting at Kansas State University and a Summer Meeting at some location in the state.  Each of the meetings are devoted primarily to educational topics.  Other special educational seminars and schools are held each year based on informational and educational needs of Kansas Society FMRA members.  The Society also has a farmland sale data program in which members contribute farmland sale data from the various counties.  The sale data are then made available to members at a reasonable cost.


Annual dues of $75 are payable to Kansas Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.  Mail to the Secretary, Ray Bartholomew, at 4107 S. Obee Road, Hutchinson, KS 67501. 




Code of ethics Membership Sections Code of Ethics


            The following Code of Ethics is considered a part of the professional standards of this Society and all members are to subscribe to and abide by it.


            1.  It is unethical to represent conflicting interests; except by express consent of all concerned given after a full disclosure of the facts to both a buyer and seller of a commodity or service.

            2.  It is unethical to accept employment without first disclosing all previous and present relationships that may have been had with the property or case.

            3.  It is unethical to issue a report or an appraisal without fully disclosing any interest, present or contemplated, of the maker, his associates or those concerned in having it made.

            4.  It is unethical to make reports or appraisals in more than one section or division, thus making it possible to use one part in a manner contrary to the facts.  When more that one report is necessary to reveal all essential features this fact should be shown on both the original and supplementary reports.

            5.  It is unethical to make an appraisal or report under conditions so adverse that it is impossible to secure all pertinent and essential facts.

            6.  It is unethical to reveal the contents of reports, appraisals, or any important facts in regard to the business f a client, unless release from this obligation is obtained from the client or by due process of law. Releases should be in writing.

            7.  Hypothetical appraisals and reports should be avoided but if and when made should clearly, completely, and prominently state any hypothesis assumed and fully describe all existing conditions.



SECTION II – Membership


A.  Classification.  There shall be three elected membership classifications as follows:
      (1) Regular members, (2) Junior members, and (3) Associate members.

  1.  Regular members – A member may be elected from any of the following
       five sub-classifications having the qualifications as given. 

    a.  Regular members “A” – Those persons  devoting the major part of their time to the
         management of farms or ranches belonging to others either as professional or private managers
         and having adequate training and experience.

         Adequate training shall be the completion of four years of college, preferably
         in an agricultural college or the equivalent in experience.  One year of acceptable
         experience shall be considered the equivalent of one year of college

          Adequate experience shall be interpreted as the reputable management of a farm or ranch  or group of 
          farms or ranches doing an annual gross business of at least $300,000 per year for a period of two 
          years or more.

      b.  Regular members “B” – Those persons devoting the major part of their time to
           the appraisal of rural property and having adequate training and experience.

           Adequate training shall be the completion of four years of college, preferably in an
           agricultural college or the equivalent in experience.  One year of acceptable experience shall
           be considered the equivalent of one year of college.

           Adequate experience shall be interpreted as the appraising of 40 or more rural
           properties  and submitting a written appraisal for each or the appraisal of at least
          100,000 acres of rural land or properties valued at $2,500,000 and submitting the
           appropriate appraisal reports, plus in each case active participation in or association
           with rural appraisal work  during the past two years.

      c.   Regular members “C” – Those persons who lack the requirements for  either “A” or
          “B” membership individually but who by combining their farm management and rural
          appraisal  work and experience can meet the requirement totals for membership.

       d.  Regular members “D” – Those who devote the major part of their time
            working at the college or university level in farm management and/or
            rural appraisal as teachers, research or extension workers or
            administrators and supervisors in the private sector who have held such
            positions for at least two years or more.

2.   Junior members – Persons devoting a major part of their time to farm management  and/or
      rural appraisal and who meet the requirements for Regular membership except as to
      volume or period of experience.  Junior members shall have all the privileges of
      membership except voting and office holding.

      Junior membership shall be limited to a period of three years. Junior members shall become
      Regular members upon approval of the Membership Committee (or Board of Directors)
      after  they can furnish evidence that they meet the necessary qualifications. If qualifications
      are not met within three years, the member will automatically be reclassified as
      an Associate member.

3.   Associate members – Persons who cannot meet the requirements of the other
      membership classifications but who are interested in supporting the objectives of the
      Society and are able because of their position or the nature of their work in allied fields to
      contribute to the advancement of the Society. Associate members shall be entitled to all of
      the privileges of  membership shall not carry with it any professional endorsement by the

4.   Those who have made outstanding contributions in professional farm management and/or
      rural appraisal or in other related agricultural fields may be accorded Honorary Life
      Membership by the Board of Directors.

5.   Each member of the Society shall be subject to re-classification as the nature of his
      work may change.  The membership shall be kept currently classified in accordance with the
      preceding membership categories.

B.  Admission

        1.  Application for membership shall be to the Secretary on a form approved by the
       Board of Directors.  This form shall provide for a listing of the applicant’s
       qualifications and at least three references, at least one of whom shall be a Society

    2.  Completed applications shall be submitted to the Membership committee who shall
   review the applications and pass their recommendations to the Board for final action.

    3.  The Secretary shall notify all applicants as to the final action taken on their petitions for