Ag Law Issues

Title Author Date Downloads
Tax Potpourri - Hobby Losses; Employer-Provided Housing; Tax Computation for Fuel Blenders; and Conservation Easement Deeds June 19, 2023
Decision to Not Review USDA Wetland Certification Upheld - What Does the Grassley Amendment Require? June 19, 2023
SCOTUS Dismisses Pork Case - Case Not Properly Pled June 19, 2023
Selling Collateralized Ag Products - The “Farm Products” Rule; Are Racehorses (and Breeding Rights) an Agricultural Commodity? May 1, 2023
Deductibility of Personal Interest and the Home Mortgage Exception May 1, 2023
The Marital Deduction, QTIP Trusts and Coordinated Estate Planning April 10, 2023
RMD Rules Have Changed - Do You Have to Start Receiving Payments from Your Retirement Plan? April 10, 2023
Common Law Marriage - It May Be More Involved Than What You Think April 10, 2023
Adverse Possession and a Fence of Convenience March 20, 2023
Happenings in Agricultural Law and Tax March 20, 2023
Double Fractions in Oil and Gas Conveyances and Leases - Resulting Interpretive Issues March 20, 2023
Equity “Theft” - Can I Lose the Equity in My Farm for Failure to Pay Property Taxes? March 6, 2023
Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land February 23, 2023
Deducting Residual (Excess) Soil Fertility February 23, 2023
Chapter 12 Bankruptcy – Proposing a Reorganization Plan in Good Faith February 23, 2023
Priority Among Competing Security Interests February 23, 2023
Tax Court Opinion-Charitable Deduction Case Involving Estate Planning Fraudster February 6, 2023
Failure to Execute a Written Lease Leads to a Lawsuit and Improper Use of SBA Loan Funds February 6, 2023