Nathan Hendricks

Associate Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Economics

Kansas State University

Documents & Presentations by Nathan Hendricks
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3. Trade Conflict and Trade Aid August 1, 2019
7. Volatility of Kansas Farms August 1, 2019
Renewable Fuel Standard

K-State agricultural economist Nathan Hendricks talks about how renewable fuels policy has affected agricultural land use decisions in the United States:  his research shows the effect is actually less than previous research on the subject had indicated. It is one part of a just-released study by multiple researchers of how the Renewable Fuel Standard has impacted the environment.

March 15, 2019
Landlords and Subsidy Payments

K-State agricultural economist Nathan Hendricks shares the findings from his new study, which looked at USDA crop program subsidies and how they factor into farmland rental payments. He specifically was interested in the extent to which landlords gain from those subsidies, compared to tenants.

August 16, 2018
8. How Much Do Landlords Benefit From Agricultural Subsidies Versus Tenants? August 1, 2018
Water Conservation Project

Nathan Hendricks talks about a new USDA-funded project he will be conducting, looking at ways of encouraging Kansas crop irrigators to more effectively manage their groundwater resources through two plans that the state of Kansas has put in place in recent years:  the local enhanced management areas and the water conservation areas.

June 15, 2017
Conservation Reserve Program Study

Nathan Hendricks looks at its influence on land use over the past decade, as well as whether it should continue in the next farm bill.  

March 30, 2017
Better Predictions of Land Values Using Machine Learning August 10, 2016
Effects of Collective Action Water Policy on Kansas Farmers Irrigation Decisions: The Case of the Sheridan County 6 LEMA January 27, 2016
10. What is Needed for a Successful LEMA?