Hannah Shear

Hannah Shear is a graduate student in the K-State Department of Agricultural Economics.

Documents & Presentations by Hannah Shear
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Cow-Calf Producers Trends in Kansas

K-State livestock economist Dustin Pendell and Oklahoma State University agricultural economist Hannah Shear discuss their extensive survey of cow-calf producers in Kansas, seeking out trends in cow-calf management and economic performance...they centered on several aspects of herd management, including calving time, calf preconditioning, breeding programs and herd feeding.

September 14, 2021
Kansas Cow‐Calf Production August 1, 2021
Economic Impacts of Cattle Traceability

K-State livestock economist Dustin Pendell and graduate researcher Hannah Shear go over their just-released analysis of the economics associated with a cattle traceability system featuring individual animal identification. They look at which sector of the beef cattle industry would bear the largest share of traceability costs, as well as the potential economic payoffs of having a traceability system in place.

December 9, 2019
Implementation and Economic Impacts of a Traceability Program on Beef Industry Stakeholders December 3, 2019
Making ¢ents of CattleTrace: Costs and Economic Impacts

Presented at: CattleTrace Industry Symposium, Manhattan, KS.  

November 22, 2019
KFMA Cow-Calf Factsheet - Breeding and Calving October 14, 2019
KFMA Cow-Calf Factsheet - Feed and Pasture Management October 14, 2019
KFMA Cow-Calf Factsheet - Preconditioning Practices October 14, 2019
Returns to Cow-Calf Production

K-State agricultural economists Kevin Herbel and Hannah Shear share highlights from their new study of the returns to cow-calf production in Kansas, based on Kansas Farm Management Association data complemented by a new survey of cow-calf producers on their management practices...they linked those practices to cow-calf economic performance and discovered several interesting trends.

October 14, 2019
A Snapshot of Kansas Cow-Calf Producers September 16, 2019