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Kansas Custom Rates Survey

Director of the Land Use Survey Office at K-State, Leah Tsoodle, continues the show with information about the Custom Rates Survey that she encourages producers to fill out. Also included is a Kansas Profile with Ron Wilson from the Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development.

January 23, 2024
2023 Pasture Leasing Arrangements in Kansas July 27, 2023
2022 Input Cost Survey in Kansas January 30, 2023
2021 Irrigated Farm Leasing Arrangements in Kansas April 1, 2022
Irrigated Farm Lease Arrangements Survey

The director of the Land Use Survey Center at K-State, Leah Tsoodle, invites crop irrigators, landlords and tenants alike, to take part in a new survey of irrigated farm lease arrangements. The information gathered by this survey will serve as a highly valuable resource in future lease negotiations.

July 28, 2021
2020 Non-Irrigated Crop Leasing Arrangements in Kansas November 3, 2020
2020 Kansas Custom Rates Report

The director of the Land Use Survey Center at K-State, Leah Tsoodle, talks about the just-released 2020 Kansas Custom Rates report, which provides survey-based information on the going rates for a wide variety of custom agricultural operations, including grain harvesting, pesticide spraying, haying and a host of others.

July 8, 2020
2019 Fence Material and Construction Cost in Kansas May 18, 2020
Agricultural Landlord Net Income Under Alternative Tax Computation Methods - An Update April 29, 2020
Pasture Leasing Report

K-State agricultural economist Leah Tsoodle goes over some of the key findings of the new 2019 Pasture Leasing Arrangements in Kansas report, based on a statewide survey of landowners and tenants on the particulars of pasture lease agreements. She covers some of the trends commonly found in the state.

March 25, 2020