Kevin Dhuyvetter

Kevin Dhuyvetter is no longer at K-State. If you have questions, please contact Rich Llewelyn:

Documents & Presentations by Kevin Dhuyvetter
Title Date Downloads
KSU-Beef Replacement

Excel spreadsheet to evaluate the economic value of purchasing replacement females

December 7, 2023
Seasonal Cash Grain Prices

An Excel spreadsheet to evaluate seasonality in the Kansas grain market

October 27, 2023
Tips and Exercises for Using Excel Spreadsheets

A manual and exercises used at Excel workshops to help users understand the basics of using Microsoft Excel (pdf)

May 25, 2022
Bermuda Hay Economics

An Excel spreadsheet to analyze the economics of planting bermuda grass and harvesting as hay

July 8, 2016

An Excel spreadsheet to determine equitable crop share and cash lease rental arrangements

July 8, 2016
KSU-Building Cost-Rent

An Excel spreadsheet to estimate the annual cost of owning and maintaining agricultural storage buildings to aid in determining estimates for building rent

June 30, 2016
KSU-Machinery Costs

An Excel spreadsheet to assist producers in calculating farm specific custom farming rates and benchmarking machinery costs

June 30, 2016
KSU-Cattle Supplementation Cost

An Excel spreadsheet to evaluate the total costs of various protein supplement programs for cow/calf and stocker producers

June 29, 2016
Management Factors: What is Important, Costs, Yields, Prices, or Production Practices? June 20, 2016
KSU Irrigation Energy Cost

A spreadsheet to compare the costs of irrigation energy options

May 23, 2016