Risk Management on the Farm Online Class


K-State Research and Extension recognizes the uncertainty that farmers and ranchers are experiencing due to fluctuating grain and input prices. This course will teach principles of determining cost of production, developing a marketing plan, evaluating crop insurance options, and participating in farm programs (ARC/PLC). Participants will work with a case farm to apply these topics to a real-world farming operation through hands-on, self-graded activities. The goal is for participants to acquire risk management skills they can apply directly to their own farming operations. The bulk of this course focuses on risk management for row-crop farming operations but also includes similar risk management principles for beef cow/calf operations. This course is a replica of the 5-part Risk Management Series delivered by KSRE in 28 locations across the state from Jan.-Feb. 2022 in which 340 producers participated in-person.

Five Lessons: Determining Cost of Production, Crop Insurance, Crop Marketing, Farm Programs (ARC/PLC), and Cow/Calf Risk Management


This is a self-paced course taken for education-only (no credit)

You have six months from registration to complete. 

The course includes 4.5 hours of material across 26 different videos and bonus content.

Participants will learn:

  • How to develop and analyze an enterprise budget to calculate their cost of production
  • Principles of crop insurance products that are available for their operations
  • Marketing principles and gain an understanding of how to use forward contracts, hedging, and other risk management strategies throughout the year
  • Farm Bill programs (ARC/PLC) and how this can mitigate risk on their farm

Bonus content includes: Stress/emotional and mental health, family communication, and planning for change


$100 for education only. Click HERE to register.

Taught by Robin Reid, K-State Extension Farm Economist, and LaVell Winsor, K-State Farm Analyst


Dates & Location
Tuesday, December 31, 2024

This is an on-going course. There is no deadline. Participants have six months from registering to complete the course. 

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