2013 Risk and Profit Conference Presentations

August 21-22, 2013 Manhattan, KS

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General Sessions

Breakout Sessions

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1. Kansas Land Values -- How Do Survey Values Compare With Transaction Prices?
2. Kansas Rental Values -- What Cash Rent Information is Right?
3. Pasture Rents
4. Basics of Futures and Options: Part 1
5. Basics of Futures and Options: Part 2
6. Short-Dated Corn and Soybean Options
7. USDA Crop and Livestock Reports: What, When, and Where?
8. Inefficient Commodity and Equity Markets and Why Most Economists Drive Dodge Neons
9. Corn and Grain Sorghum Production Efficiency in Kansas
10. The Farm Bill and Crop Insurance
11. U.S. Beef Demand: Recent Project Synthesis and Expert Views on the Next 10 Years
12. Tackling Big Issues in the U.S. Cattle Industry: An Interactive Clicker Session
13. World Supply and Demand for Food: An Historical Perspective and Future Prospects
14. Strategic Risk Management
15. Risk Rating Kansas Farmer Cooperatives: An Application of the Moody's Rating Methodology
16. Are the Most Profitable Farms Consistently the Most Profitable?
17. Estate Planning Basics
18. There is More to an Estate Plan Than a Will or Trust