2015 Risk and Profit Conference Presentations

August 20-21, 2015 Manhattan, KS

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The Risk and Profit Conference is hosted annually by the Department of Agricultural Economics that provides an opportunity for key agricultural decision makers to interact with each other and with faculty.



General Sessions

Breakout Sessions

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1. 2015 Kansas Weather Compared to Long Term Trends for Fieldwork Probabilities
2. Kansas Ag Land Values Update
3. Do Kansas Farmers Pay Taxes?
4. Will Policymakers Reduce the Farm Safety Net?
5. Chipotle
6. Making the Most of Precision Ag Technology and Big Data
7. An Examination Of Machinery Costs And Machinery Investment In Kansas
8. Bluestem and Pasture Leasing Tentative Survey Results
9. Effects of Local Water Policy on Kansas Farmers Crop Choices, Irrigation Technology and Crop Yield
10. What is Needed for a Successful LEMA?
11. Update on the Economic Impact of the Sheridan #6 LEMA
12. Managing Risk in Todays Environment
13. Tax Planning Strategies
14. Looking to the Future for the Kansas Grain Industry: Elevators, Railroads and Services
15. Economic Value of Trust (Survey)
16.a. Productivity Of Smallholder Producers In Northern Ghana: Gender Comparison 16.b. The Use Of Fertilizer And Its Impact On Productivity In Northern Ghana
17.a. Transaction Costs and Market Participation: Recent Evidence from Northern Ghana 17.b. The Effect of Credit Access on Storage and Infrastructure in Northern Ghana
18. Hands-On: Using Excel Effectively